Enough swimming done

October 3, 2006 Comments Off on Enough swimming done

Alexander Popov

Look, it’s not only Popov:

“I spent 25 years in a pool in chlorinated water and have probably (done enough) swimming to go around the earth once if not more. So I don’t have any urge to get into a pool these days.”

Gosh, I feel like that sometimes, and I only swam/waterpoloed for 16 years! I have a subscription to the VUB fitness centre , which entitles you to go swimmng. To be fair, I’ve used that opportunity 3 times this whole year 😉 That’s how I feel the urge to go swimming. I know it’s good for my body, and you bet my body needs it for the moment, but still… I’d rather do something else!

I wouldn’t compare myself to Popov, far from. He: 21 seconds for 50 meter, me: 23 seconds. That is so embarrassing. But still I understand his feelings.


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