Microsoft Belgium's ex-boss

October 10, 2006 Comments Off on Microsoft Belgium's ex-boss

Could he really be that naive, or is he just writing out of boredom?

Toplui van concurrentiële bedrijven zoals IBM, Sun en Oracle hebben steeds de mond vol hoe superieur hun produkten zijn t.o.v. de ctrl+alt+del Mickey Mouse software van Microsoft maar zijn blijkbaar niet altijd even consequent. Hun CV’s komen spontaan binnen of ze komen maar al te graag op interview wanneer headhunters hen contacteren voor de Microsoft job.

Of course, top people from the competition are coming over for an interview, or at least have their CV submitted! Did you really think they wouldn’t? Now that would be naive! As a Microsoft boss you can’t actually say how wonderfull the Oracle database performs in grid. And it’s unthinkable that the local Oracle boss will admit that Microsoft’s SQL-server is easily manageable for dummies who don’t know shit about databases. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot run a local office from a competitor. It’s not about IT, it’s about selling it. And you won’t sell the goods for it’s technical brilliance, or greatness. You’ll sell it because you can convince your customer, that they will get a return on his investment in you.

And now for something different: how does Bruno Seegers know who’s applying? HR @ Microsoft wouldn’t have told, would they? That would be unethical! And certainly the headhunters haven’t told, or are they of the unethical kind?


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