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October 14, 2006 Comments Off on Manage your mind


MindManager 6

You know the feeling of a day full of bright ideas? It does occur occasionally when you get enough sleep, didn’t drink excessively, or when you have taken the right drugs (for legal reasons: generally this is a bad thing, and you shouldn’t use drugs to enhance your awareness).

At that moment, if you happen to be behind your computer (whether that be a Mac or a Windows PC), you will be happy to find MindManager there. MindManager is an easy to use tool to manage your thoughts. Let the ideas come, add them to the screen and create some order by linking them. You can use it when having a brainstorming session, but also to draw an organisational chart. I have used the Mac version here, and I must say that the program really has that Mac look and feel, the same intuitivity as most other programs we Mac users know. I have received a free version by doing exactly what Michel told in his blog. If you want to give it a try , please do! There are no certainties in life, but it is very likely that you will adore the program for what it does, and maybe don’t mind paying for the next upgrade 😉


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