Flickr Brussels Meeting 15/11

November 17, 2006 Comments Off on Flickr Brussels Meeting 15/11

I was there, yeah! A real-life social event related to the well know socially inspired photo sharing site flickr. The interesting part was that some people take their pictures quite seriously. This can lead to some boring discussions as well as the most interesting tips I’ve heard in the last months. Out of the 18 subscribed, 10 showed up and it was an international crowd (German, French, English, Belgian…this is Brussels after all).
The organiser, sturnmfisch himself was a “new bruxellois” himself. It was a pitty that this event coincided with the international football match, as this might have stopped some Belgian (and Polish living in Bxl, image what a potential there!) from coming. Sturmfisch is already getting enthusiastic about a next meeting, where we would actually go out and take pictures, comment in real life, and pat each other on the shoulder (not too hard, please).


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