The missing 2.4kg

December 30, 2006 § 1 Comment

Last year, we bought ourselves a scale which indicates fat percenage as well as weight. Weight (or weight/height ratios like BMI index) is an indicator, but not always a good one. You could theoretically replace all of your body fat by muscles, and you’ll look better, feel better and most probably be healthier, nonetheless have the same BMI
I started 2006 at 90kg, a BMI of 25.7 (slightly overweight) and a fat percentage of 23% (on average). The fat percentage is based on electrical induction, and therefore not always 100% accurate. Therefore I have looked at the average over several days (ranging from 22.5 to 24).
Today at the end of 2006 I’m at 82kg, a BMI of 23.4 (normal weight) and a fat percentage of 18.5%. Besides that, I look a lot better and I wear size 32 again!
In the beginning of the year my body contained 20.7 kg of fat. Now my body contains aproximately 15.1 kg of fat. So out of the 8, I lost 5.6kg of fat. So what’s the other 2.4kg that I lost? Ego? I don’t think so, and anyway, how much does ego weigh?


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