Good intentions 2007

December 31, 2006 Comments Off on Good intentions 2007

  • Re-write the article about sustainable development for after my hard disk crashed and the IT guys at my previous company refused to try and restore the data as I was leaving the company!
  • Write more regularly, not more
  • Get even more healthy, run 20km of Bxl (if knees permit) in 1h30h, swim Damme-Brugge (??) in less than 1hour, look even more stunning than I do now 😉
  • Sustain my extreme sense of vanity (see previous list item 😉 )
  • See more countries and cities:
    • Washington DC
    • re-visit NY???
    • Maleysia/Myanmar/Angkor Wat
    • India
    • Dublin
  • Take some stunning pictures

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