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An underestimated vegetable that is hard to find here in Belgium! So when I was in the UK last week, I couldn’t resist bringing home some. For the Belgians amongst you who wonder: “Are they easy to prepare?”, YES! You just have to roast them, and if you’re in a hurry, parboil them a couple of minutes to speed the whole thing up! That’s all. They’re lovely with any roast dinner or just simplly with steak, as we did last night!

Get them out of the bag Remove the ends and peel Parboil them (I was in a hurry last night) Get a baking tray and put smear some oil over the basin
Parsnips in Tesco bag Preparing the Parsnips Parboiling Parsnips Empty baking tray
Ready On the plate
Out of the oven! And onto the plate with some nice meat

When having xmas lunch with a couple of friends, it took us over an hour to remember the french word for parsnip: du panais! And all that searching was in vain as our friend from Charleroi still didn’t have a clue, never heard of them. That shows how incredibly unknown it is.
For those who don’t know, they have a taste similar to carrots, a bit sweeter I would say… They also have the same texture.


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