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January 9, 2007 Comments Off on You like …

Last FM

I am a big fan of iTunes Music Store, Amazon and others who suggest what you like based upon your input and statistics… This is how I discovered that I’m a New Waver! Until recently I had seen the URL, but never really paid attention to it because I thought it was one of many URL’s… until I read this

OMG, was I wrong… this is the ultimate music ‘I know what you like’ thing. Last.FM has a client for Windows and Mac, but can also be used within the web browser. For starters, ,you can ask the system to play music tagged like ‘glam rock’. This will create your own personal radio station you listen to. You can add friends in the system, which will give the numerous algorithms (god I love algorithms) some input. But nicest of all, you can have the music you play locally on your computer at home sent to the server (not the whole mp3, but just the title/artist/album data). This data will also contribute as input to the algorithms. And just after a couple of days, the system starts suggesting a personal radio, your neighbours (people with similar taste),… fun fun fun!


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