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January 11, 2007 § 2 Comments

Really, boycott Belgium! That is the message that Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ is spreading today in their article ‘Boycot die Belgen‘ (they seem to be spelling boycott with only one t). Reason for this, is the introduction of the vignette for Belgian motorways.

Due to its location, Belgian motorways are heavily used for transit. The idea is to have these people pay for the use of the roads, instead of the Belgian tax payer. This system is in use in Switzerland, Austria, and France, Italy, Spain and Portugal do it not through a Vignette, but rather with toll booths.
The idea of Belgium doing it, seems extremely outrageous to the Dutch, so they are going to boycott the belgians. Their call:

Verzin een maatregel die wij kunnen invoeren om de Belgen dwars te zitten en win een Telegraaf jaarboek!

Think of a measure to boycott the Belgians and win a book!

I have no idea whether this initiative has been induced by Dutch Courage, but seems rather over the top for a major Dutch newspaper as these measures don’t seem to be limited to driving around Belgium (which is something that most Belgians would probably appreciate 😉 ). But it seems like a surprise to me that they think that all foreign traffic in Belgium is from the Netherlands… Gosh you should see the number of Polish and French license plates driving around in Brussels. All using our roads, not paying road tax, but nonetheless living here.

Look, it’s not a big deal… it’s only 60 Euro, and you will get better roads in the future (at least, that is the plan)

Update: boycott has lost a t in dutch


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  • Izo says:

    It’s a better idea to make a Belgian vignette, than a vignette for Wallonia, the famous idea of the stupid Michel Daerden 😉

    Sad that Dutch are so angry about this.. They can always go through Germany… except if they want to go to Durbuy…

    I agree with this project. For people having a Belgian licence plate, it seems the price of the vignette would be included in the driving tax… For foreigners, yes maybe it could seem annoying, but 60 euros for one year of full lighted roads…
    If you use the road, you pay…
    Enjoy the road and not more with our money !

  • Chris Smith says:

    Well, if Belgium actually spend some money on their roads it might be different. As it is, they are some of the worst roads in Europe, despite getting the highest level of grants from the EU – what happens to the rest of the money I wonder?

    Besides which foreign drivers have also paid road tax in their own countries, and Belgians can come here and drive around for free. We pay around €300 per year for our road tax. Also I’d like to bet that Belgium is a net exporter of tourists. Certainly you see more Belgians in France than French in Belgium.

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