January 11, 2007 § 2 Comments

As I could have predicted before I left work, traffic was meant to be horrible. I live around the woods in Brussels (Ter Kameren Bos / Bois de la Cambre), and because of the storm major parts were closed. This always causes havoc in the vicinity. It took me 1h 15m (at an average speed of 13km/h) to get from Zaventem to Home. It’s still reassuring to know that by public transport, that wouldn’t have been any faster

Apart from the special circumstances, there are some other reasons that add to the aggravation:

  • Drivers changing lanes in traffic jams. Lanes don’t move constantly at the same speed, that’s just plain normal! That’s still not a reason to jump in front of me (I usually leave 2-3m as a safe (haha!) distance), and it makes a moving lane come to a stand still, great!
  • People driving on to the cross roads, very well knowing that they won’t be able to clear them in time for the other traffic to get through. This obviously leads to the others act similarly, grinding the cross roads to a halt
  • Trams showing the same behaviour as in previous bullet point, but worth mentioning as it’s always the cars causing havoc according to public transport authorities
  • Arse holes driving in the faster lane, and squeezing themselves into a small hole left by some sleepy driver, to turn at the end…

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