English isn't a European Language

January 29, 2007 Comments Off on English isn't a European Language

On Last.fm, my most recent addiction (i.e. everything here is getting scrobbled), there’s a group called “European Music in European Languages

  • No bashing genres.
  • No bashing languages.
  • Artists who sing in English are not allowed. (sic!)
    This rules out a million Swedish pop bands who sing in English. (Ooh, we don’t like ABBA, do we?)
  • This isn’t the place for J-Pop and other Asian languages.
  • You can recommend a non-European artist as long as they sing in a European language such as a Brazilian band singing Portuguese.
  • Speak English in the forums as I cannot moderate them all.
  • What should I think about this? Just some little thing gone wrong in the otherwise fantastic world of web2.0, the web of user-generated content?


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