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January 31, 2007 Comments Off on Want WoW?

As seen in a previous post, I had an invitation through “De Standaard” to go to the Vista launch in Atomium, and Mich joined me. “Experience the WoW” (not World of Warcraft, you silly plonker) was the theme. A couple of things went slightly wrong tonight, amongst which:

  • Getting an invitation from the newspaper which states that the event starts ath 20h45 (not true… the sub-event called “Digital Memories” started at 20h45)
  • We got a bit lost, and completely missed Digital Memories, as this was supposed to be a thing from “De Standaard”, and there wasn’t the slightest hint of “De Standaard” as we walked by.
  • We couldn’t get into one of the Atomium balls, as we had our badge wasn’t good enough!/li>
  • We didn’t know enough about Office 2007, so we didn’t win anything, in that competition!
  • We were probably not on the parking we were supposed to be (ours was very empty), but I couldn’t care less as I couldn’t be asked to go and look for the right parking
  • The eId registration failed, so we were transferred to the long queue of the help desk (or hell desk as Mich likes to refer to it)

But some things went completelyl wrong.

  • The WoW. I didn’t experience any moment of wow, or it must have been for the oversaturated film of Wim Robberechts (site down at the moment of writing). This event basically was a walk through the Atomium, with numerous little stands where you could either admire the new look and feel of Vista or participate in rather uninteresting games.
  • Microsoft completely missed the ball as this would have been an ideal moment to position or demonstrate Zune (I know it’s not for sale yet in Belgium, but that doesn’t prevent them from demonstrating it
  • The event was just as dull as dull can be, “Experience the YAWN”

As I had seen Praga Khan’s most recent concert in the Ancienne Belgique, I wasn’t too bothered about insisting on going in, so I was glad to hear from Mich that he felt the same. We tried to make the most of this event by entering into conversation with Wim Robberechts and Michiel Hendryckx. I sort of felt like we were a bit pushy towards these people, but to hell with it, the need te bo relieved of the pain of Windows Vista’s WoW Yawn experience

If I had know that this event would be what it was tonight, I wouldn’t even have thought about inviting somebody. It was (apart from our two short meetings) not worth the time we invested.
Oh, and Mich recognised one of my Last.FM neighbours: Ine, she has some interesting shots on her blog…

On the whole: a deception from a company that is well known for its marketing


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