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February 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

Le Soir on Bloglines

Yesterday, a Belgian court reaffirmed its decision against Google for copying and publishing copyrighted material on their site.
Extract of the ruling:

…en reproduisant sur son site Google News des titresd’articles et de courts extraits d’articles, Google reproduit et communique au public des oeuvres protégées par le droit d’auteur…
à tort que Google estime pouvoir se prévaloir de l’accord des éditeurs de site

In English: by reproducing on its site Google News, titles and extracts of articles, Google reproduces and communicates to the public works protected by copyright. Google should have asked for an agreement with the site editors before publishing!

In the mean time, Copiepresse is negociating with MSN and Yahoo! as they are/were doing the same.

What I wonder about now, is the fact that Le Soir (part of CopiePresse) publishes an RSS feed to which you can subscribe with both your own desktop RSS-reader, but also with the ever popular Bloglines (and Google NewsReader, etc…) .
If (at least) one person subscribes to the feed, Bloglines starts monitoring the feed for you, even when you’re offline. When you get back online, Bloglines presents you with all the article extracts and article titles that you might have missed. This means that everything that was published on the RSS-feed during your absence was copied to the servers at Bloglines, stored there, and then published. Only thing that is different here to Google, is that the publishing only happens to the people who are subsribed… or not?


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  • len says:

    zoals ik ook al vroeger schreef zijn de sites die meedoen aan Copiepresse proces beter te mijden door alles wat web2.0 betreft (startpagina’s, social bookmarking,….) en diensten zoals Bloglines. Die mensen van Copiepresse zijn gevaarlijk. Dit is de RIAA van de dagbladen aan het worden.


  • Mich says:

    We zijn op dezelfde golflengte 😉

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