February 17, 2007 Comments Off on Fine!

No, I’m not fine! I got a fine! For parking my car inappropriately in the little town of Heikant. Where the fuck is Heikant, you ask? Somewhere not to far from Leuven…

Have I got reason to be angry? Especially after me nagging on BrusselBlogt about people not respecting traffic rules. Quite frankly, I think I have a reason to be angry. I went to a funeral (my boss’s sister) that was jampacked, there was almost no room left in the church. Of course, there wasn’t enough space in that little town for everybody to park his/her car, so people started looking for safe (nonetheless illegal) parking spaces. So did I.

After we got out of the funeral, loads of people had a ticket sticking on their windscreen. Some overzealous cop thought that he could make use of this event(sic!) to boost his fines closer to his quota…
Most cars seemed to be parked half on the pavement, leaving enough space for the occasional bypasser (potentially with little push car for the kid), and not too close to corners nor zebra crossings. Sad little git, that cop “Van Horebeeck”


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