The weekend of sleep deprivation!

February 19, 2007 Comments Off on The weekend of sleep deprivation!

Every now and then, the better half feels like partying… and then she does, BIG TIME!!! We had a couple of friends staying over for Saturday night as we had planned to go out for dinner at Notos (a terrible experience in service)… and then she started getting in shape. So we headed for Café Central where we would meet another friend. Not such a bad bar, but we soon headed to the Belgica where a DJ was playing a lot of 80’s music. After that we would finish at Chez Maman, but as one of our friends got so pissed, we ended up spending some more time in The Box (he insisted quite stubbornly to go there). It’s a hideous place for sad gay people who really need to score that night (at least, that’s what it looked like…). Went to sleep round 6 and woke up round 11! Hence the sleep deprivation…


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