No electricity for one night

February 22, 2007 Comments Off on No electricity for one night

Shortly, i.e. March 24th, will be the ‘Can I live one day without my computer?’ day. Well I just had no electricity (let alone: computer) from yesterday evening 20h until almost now. I was hanging a new light in the living room, and caused a fuse to go off! So I went to our fuse box, and didn’t find anything there. Next logical stop: main fuse in the basement of the apartment! I looked at our fuses and these didn’t go off either!

So what’s left? I’m not good at electricity, which is why I fused it in the first place, so I called the electricity company. When they didn’t show up at 11h, I called it a day, cancelled the request with the intent to call them again this morning! This morning, the guy showed up less than half an hour after the call! He was as startled as I was. And although from their point of view nothing was wrong, he had a look to see where the problem lied. Main fuse in the basement was giving electricity towards the apartment. The same wires (theoretically) arriving in the apartment didn’t show any sign of tension. Weird!

Back to the basement… Our counter wasn’t connected to the fuse onto which was written ‘1 Gauche’ (our apartment), but was connected to ‘2 droite’. And guess what: that fuse had gone off. And as these people are never there (travelling the world with the orchestra of which the husband is conductor), I thought that electricity being switched off there was absolutely normal

Cost: 54€. But at least we have electricity back on!


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