Drunk vs intoxicated

February 24, 2007 Comments Off on Drunk vs intoxicated

This seems to be a common mistake for a lot of people. I don’t know if this comes from seeing American films where people have to walk on a line to determine their state, but in Belgium there is a clear difference in the definition of drunk vs intoxicated.

You are drunk when you show clear signs of drunkenness. For example, walking on your hands and knees, not walking in a straight line, the way you talk … Drunkenness in public is a legal offense which is seldomly used against you by the police. If it’s really serious, they might put you to sleep in a cell, but this is something they would do to protect you from harming yourself

Intoxication is the level of alcohol (this could be other drugs) in your blood. This means that you have drunk more than allowed. In a lot of cases, people can be intoxicated well before being drunk! This doesn’t mean you have to let these people drive a vehicle, but a lot of people can make sense in a conversation or walk in a straight line whilst being intoxicated with 5 promille alcohol in the blood!

And still you get titles like these: 14 drivers drunk in Geel in the newspaper.


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