Installing software: when will I ever learn!

February 24, 2007 Comments Off on Installing software: when will I ever learn!

Yesterday: installing Oracle SOA suite within an Enterprise Linux VMWare machine! As per usual, I only half read the installation pre-requisites and other requirements.

  1. Install DB: piece of cake…
  2. Before installing SOA suite, install all required packages,
  3. install BPEL, ESB schemas…
  4. and then the OUI.

Upon connecting to the database, it started complaining about the right version of the database. As some version of 9i was listed there, I thought I was OK with my 10 something, not really reading the error message. So I start testing the connections to the database… restart OUI… nothing! Still not reading the error message… Only later it dawned on me that for a 10g database I had to be on the latest patch level!

It was clearly mentioned in the installation requirement, so no excuses there! I guess I’ll just have to start reading more thoroughly… some day!


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