The relaxing nature of sports!

February 27, 2007 Comments Off on The relaxing nature of sports!

In my attempt to diversify the sports I’m doing, I went swimming again last night. For the moment, I’m swimming as good as I was when I was around 14-15 years old. Fast enough to outswim everybody else in the pool (I was in the national youth team by then after all!), but terribly slow in my opinion. There weren’t too many people around yesterday, so I thought I was in for a relaxing swim, without being hindered by people sharing the lane.

Unfortunately there was this young woman who thought that swimming in the middle of the lane is the natural thing to do. The amount of space she needed was immense. She was doing the sort of breaststroke people used to swim in the seventies. Wide!
You may or may not know, that the intention is to stick to the right hand side of the lane (which sort of makes you swim in a circle when swimming back and forth). This way, there is some space left in the middle to overtake people when needed.


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