Brussels Airport: parking 1

February 28, 2007 Comments Off on Brussels Airport: parking 1

Bienvenue en Europe!

It’s only upon entering that parking in Brussels Airport (pretty disfunctionate website, by default in french: welcome to Europe!) that you get informed about availability (200 spaces left, 2 spaces left, car parking FULL), and not that it matters. But upon entering the car park, there is no way back. Even when the sign says “no spaces left”, you have to go in. Until there, no problem. You’d think that if you drive straight to the exit, that you can get back out (and eventually proceed to another car park)!

No! You’ve erred somewhere. According to the car park owners, you have to pay for 1 hour! Look: if you can’t provide the service, you shouldn’t ask money for it! BASTA


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