The day of the dead iPod

March 27, 2007 § 1 Comment

Kids With Guns, Gorrilaz (Demon Days) at 2:51. It was there -second song of my playlist to go for a run, a mere 5 minutes from home- where the iPod decides to stop playing. Suddenly no more reaction. The little thing was on lock, and still on lock when this happened, so I haven’t accidentally pushed the stop button. In the mean time I have tried every single button and no reaction: dead! So I’ll have to find out about the guarantee, I got it as a present from the better half who bought it in Singapore! The thing I’ll do in the mean time, is hope to drain the batteries. And cross my fingers that it restarts!

The workout went well otherwise. I did a bit of fartlek training in the woods around here (Forêt de Soignies/Zoniënwoud), and when I came back into the Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kameren bit I thought: Why not add a fast lap (2.5km) to see what I’m worth of after an hour of semi-intense fartlek? I ran this in 11’11” (13.4 km/h), faster than I’ve ever run that! This starts looking good for the 20km!

On my way back, I heard somebody say “Not too fast, Mike!”. What was even more odd was the accent in which that was said. I felt like back in Bruges… When turning around, I saw Vicky, a former team member of my swimming team who had apparently lived in the area for a while, but has now moved on as her husband runs a restaurant in De Haan (Costa del Coq). I whish I had a bit more time for a chat, but I guess I’ll have to go to the restaurant, this summer, to catch up with her 😉


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