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March 29, 2007 Comments Off on Ataturk homosexual

Zaman :

…the ministry had decided not to publish in the next edition of the book a list of “Famous homosexuals and bisexuals in history” in which Atatürk was included.

The book “Fight Homophobia”, distributed in schools of the French speaking part of Belgium, is meant to prevent the younger generation of having negative feelings towards homo- and bisexuals. It contains a list of famous homosexuals and bisexuals throughout history. Due to copy/paste without any verification, Ataturk ended up in the list. More from the above mentioned article

Arena also sent a letter to the embassy in which she said her government had no intention of insulting Atatürk.

Well of course not! There shouldn’t even be any mentioning of that, as mentioning this explicitly means that homosexuality can be interpreted as an insult! And what was the book about?

Provided that the above quote is true… With that sentence, Marie Arena even sort of insults the whole gay community… Even she apparently has to learn that homosexuality is nothing more than a sexual preference and that under no circumstance you should connect homosexuality with insult.


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