Tagging your music?

April 9, 2007 Comments Off on Tagging your music?

FlickR, Del.icio.us, Amazon, …. they’re all doing it (I’m even tagging the articles here). One’s tagging pictures, the other URLs, or books or CDs. But what about my MP3 collection? Sure I can put a song in a category, or “genre”… Why can I not put some of my music in multiple “genres”, why is Ce dont le monde a besoin from Axelle Red in “genre” French Pop only? I’d like to see it labelled as Soul as well… and also regular pop. Of course you can tag on Last.FM, but that doesn’t help me when I’m browsing through my iTunes library. Pictures do have their XMP standard, and some software even supports it. Not only is this great because I can tag my pictures and search for them based on tags, but also because I can re-use that information in other (compatible) software. Unfortunately I haven’t come across any project (try searching for the term tag in combination with mp3 on Google and you’ll know what I mean) to add tags to music.

Example: “This Fire”: let’s just say that “Alternative” as genre is a bit limiting. I would tag this with: britpop, british, uk, party, fun, run (I like to listen to this when running…).


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