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Don’t know whether this acronym has been used before, but here’s Yet Another Rant of mine 😉
If there’s one thing in life I cannot deal with very well is inconsistent behaviour. And if inconsistencies happen around security, they’re worth my little rant (so this post is mostly for therapeutical reasons, which doesn’t mean you can stop reading now!).

  • Inconsistency 1: Heathrow airport is one of the few airports that considers a handbag as a proper piece of hand luggage. With the limitation of 1 piece of hand luggage, it’s either the handbag (with camera), or computer bag. Somehow I managed to squeeze everything in. But many others weren’t so lucky and had to either leave something, or go shop for a bigger bag (big profits for the shops in Heathrow!). Once I got through the first fence, I had to get my computer out for the security scan, which means I redistributed my luggage over two bags again (not another word from anyone!).
  • Inconsistency 2: If your boarding gate is in the 20-28 range in Heathrow, you have to get through a second security, God knows why (and I know God doesn’t exist)! I had to board at gate 25, and like all other people from my flight got stuck before that security. Somehow, and that is where the inconsistency gets in, after BMI realised nobody would make it, they managed to bypass the security by letting all of us board on a bus at gate 14! So all of a sudden that second security was not necessary anymore? I didn’t understand why it was there in the first place, but now I’m baffled!
  • Inconsistency 3: MP3 players cannot be used during take off nor landing (which means you can listen for about 20minutes on a 1 hour flight). If these little buggers are so incredibly dangerous, why are people allowed to take them on a plane? As a group of extremists, you could easily team up and all have a couple of mp3-players playing in your bag (nobody would notice), and hope you crash! No, I don’t take it… the cabin crew is just jealous of our gadgets!

Next time, I’m going by train again!


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