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Just like last year, I’ll be participating at the 20km of Brussels. Without boring you about details of training mechanism (I did do a a serious amount of sports when I was much younger!), the images from coming from my Polar heart rate monitor are just too interesting not to discuss them for a second.

On Sunday I did an interval training. As I still don’t have a good feeling of how fast I run, I leave it up to a computer and go to the fitness centre. The program was very simple. Warming up (1.5km @ 10km/h), 7 x (1.2km @ 12km/h + 0.2km @ 10km/h) + Cooling down (1.3km @ 10km/h) + 1 minute walk @ 5km/h

Last year, you couldn’t recognise this pattern in the visualisation of the heart rate. The thing was that after a couple of intervals, the 0.2km was hardly enough to recuperate. Now you can see that, although it become more and more of a struggle towards the end, I do recuperate after every interval.

This is my morning run as performed today. An easy, slow run and also that shows. As I run in open air, there are some hurdles in the woods like little hills which make my heart rate go up, but in the beginning and at the end, there’s a red light where I have to stop. Now I should find a way of mapping that together with my Yahoo map that I created to show where I’ve run.


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