Legal mp3 ???

April 11, 2007 Comments Off on Legal mp3 ???

Hijacking the concert of Axelle Red

Recently I’ve put some money down to buy a nice piece of software (Audio Hijack Pro) that allows me to record every program that makes noise to mp3 or AAC! Youtube, for example, is full of videoclips of various artists. The BBC even shows concerts there. So basically I can record these clips to mp3. I know that this is probably not the best quality you can imagine, but still… it’s a free mp3 that I can put on my iPod. For everlasting songs, I’d rather pay for the good quality stuff on iTunes or buy the CD and rip it to either AAC or mp3. But for the temporary stuff like some of the hits of the moment or just funny bits of music (My Humps, Alanis Morissette), I’d rather not pay and delete it once I’m done with it 😉

Is this legal?
I used to do similar things with a cassette and the radio when I was much younger… and this sort of feels the same. The only thing that I wonder about is: how (il)legal is this? Especially with the following:

Quicktime launched through

I have launched Axelle Red’s concert through (only reachable if you are with Belgacom) and this I am recording to mp3. The concert has been going for over an hour now, and the only thing I need to do, is cutting up the mp3 file in order to get the individual songs. I have certainly no intention of re-distributing this concert through p2p (I think I will be crossing the line there), but I do realise that Belgacom does its utmost to prevent people from recording that music. Anyway, it looks like I’ll have some nice music to listen to in the coming days 😉 Next: Faithless!


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