YAR: The Belgian Post!

April 27, 2007 § 4 Comments


February 10th: we receive a notice that a “recommandé” from abroad was not delivered to our home as we were absent. Options: pick the mail up at the local post office while we’re working, second delivery at same address, second delivery at other address!

We choose: 2nd delivery at my better half’s work address

One week later: nothing delivered

10 days later: we call the post to ask for information about the delivery. As they didn’t find the address, they didn’t deliver and send it back.

As this might have been important (bank issues in UK, lodger’s issues in UK, tax issues in UK, who knows? We don’t know who’s sent this mail!), we get quite upset. What’s the use for “guaranteed delivery” post, if the Belgian Post doesn’t respect this. We file a complaint with the Belgian Post, just because we can, and also because we expect an apology (at least)

April 12th: The Post reacts to our 7 weeks old complaint!

Thank you for logging question with us. Without the full details of the sender, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do. Polite greetings, Customer Service Support

. Service, my ass! First of all, you don’t wait seven full weeks to provide a standard answer. Secondly, they can’t expect us to know who has sent that mail, as the mail was never delivered!

I have sent a mail that their answer is insufficient, and explained why their response doesn’t make any sense

Guess we’ll see whether they ever respond to this second mail, either by helping us or at least apologising!

Can’t wait until this service is privatised!!!


§ 4 Responses to YAR: The Belgian Post!

  • frank says:

    At least the Post left a note at your address about this mail.
    Recently I ordered some cd’s from a German webshop, that did not arrive. As it turned out, the package was returned to them, as they did not send it to my parents’ address as I requested, but to my Brussels address. Brussels post did not even bother to notify me about the package as they should have done, they simply returned it to sender.

  • Mike says:

    It’s a recommandé, that was the least they could do!

  • Mikey's blog says:

    Apart from their appalling service, these people manage to organise two strikes per week on average! Bastards.

  • aj says:

    brussels post is very poor still waiting for post from uk posted 14/02/09 its 24/04/09 have asked at post office they just shrug and dont know in total have had 6 items go “missing” usualy high value!

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