MR: Is there a future for Belgium?

May 18, 2007 Comments Off on MR: Is there a future for Belgium?

MRInteresting read from MR (Mouvement Réformateur). Very interesting to see how all of a sudden, this party takes a step back for a while and instead of looking at all this in a sentimental way, start looking at the facts.


In 1970 benadrukten de enquêtes dat minstens 85 % van de inwoners van de negentien gemeenten als Franstalig beschouwd konden worden. Dit percentage is sindsdien nog gestegen. Research has shown that at least 85% of the inhabitants of Brussels can be considered French speaking. This percentage has grown since.

How does one define French speaking? If this is considered native French speaker, then the 85% is wrong, because more than 50% of the Brussels’ population has neither Dutch nor French as mother tongue. Has this been written under influence from FDF, or did MR just not see recent studies about use of language in Brussels?

Amongst a list of questions, alledgedly all about the matter of the different communities:

Het cordon sanitaire moet behouden blijven. Should the “cordon sanitaire” be maintained?

I’m sorry, but in my humble opinion this has nothing to do with the different communities, but is essentially about how a democracy should work.

And now enough rants and nitpicking! Back to the essentials of the document. Instead of going all defensive in the text, there seems to be a new attitude: let’s just do something about it! I cannot applaud this enough.

Het is dus aan de politieke bewindvoerders en aan iedere Franstalige burger om deze tendens om te keren, zelfs als de interregionale transfers, in vergelijking met de buitenlandse federale stelsels, proportioneel niet hoger zijn.
It is up to the politicians and each French speaking citizen to change this, even if interregional (monetary) transfers aren’t any higher in Belgium than they are in other federal countries.

Good! Stop whining and get on with it! Do something about it! It’s time for change…

I’m only half way… so keep reading if you want to know my further opinions on this interesting document! But I know you don’t give a flying fuck…


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