My very first Ebay trade…

May 18, 2007 Comments Off on My very first Ebay trade…

tokina 28-70mm f/2.6-2.8 at-x pro canon eos
Let’s hope everything is OK, I’m picking it up on Sunday. One of many things I read about this lens:

Tokinas 28-70 pro versions have a reputation of beeing the best third party 28-70 available. I have no reason to doubt this. Here are the things that I really like:

  • The optics. I am used to to and expect the quality that good primes deliver. This zoom is able to meet my expectations. The lens is sharp, really sharp. I have used it a lot in low light situations at f2.8 and the sharpnes is acceptable even at the corners. Stooped down a few notches the lens produces pictures with breathtaking clarity. The contrast is very good.
  • The build quality. The lens is built like they used to build them in the 70ies. It is all metal and sturdy. I do not think there is a more solidly built lens around today. The price for this is weight, but the Canon and Nikon counterparts are even heavier.
  • The tough finish. I have used the lens for a full year and there is not a mark on it.
  • The manual focusing feel. IMHO the Tokina is smoother and easier to focus than the Canon L primes. I guess this is due to the absens of MFT-focusing. It does not get any better.
  • The AF speed. I have had the missfortune of using Pentax AF equipment and in comparison this lens is a performance monster. Focusing is quick and exact.

These are the things I feel are less compelling about the lens:

  • There is slight barel distortion at the wide end of the zoom range. I shoot a lot indoors, so this is something that anoyes me. (Won’t use it at the wide end of the zoom range anyway)
  • The color balance is cooler than Canon lenses and I do not like that. (I’ve read other reviews, and a little post-processing can do magic)
  • The closest focus distance is 0.7 meter, which clearly is too long. (I’ll get something else for macro 😉 )
  • To switch from MF to AF it is not enough to disengage the focus ring by pushing it, you also have to flip a switch at the base of the lens. This two stage bahaviour is worsened by the fact that in order to switch back to MF, the focus ring has to be turned back into the exact position where it was disengaged. (I think I can live with this… it’s all a matter of habits)
  • The AF speed. It may sound strange to list this as a weakness, since I have already listed it as a strength, but there is a huge difference between the speed of Canon USM lenses and third party AF lenses. This lens is at least as quick as any other non-Canon lens, but it falls short compared to the original USM lenses. (USM is sheer luxury, and I’ll buy me some luxury soon!)

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