Irony and global warming

May 22, 2007 Comments Off on Irony and global warming

Although irony sometimes misses its intentions in writing, especially if the potential readers are all over the globe and the subject is a sensitive issue, I cannot not write about this:
Reader’s letter in magazine (Humo 3479/19 p. 146): …

The government should take measures to support products that help reducing global warming. What if the Opel factory in Antwerp were to make electrical cars? Employment and a guaranteed market. It’s time for a fourth and green economic revolution

Article appearing not a week later: Opel GM to asemble all-terrain vehicle all over the news! A Belgian factory has to build the ennemy of every green fighter in order to keep employment.

A true Catch 22 for every environmentalist who cares about people’s employment, but it won’t keep me from sleeping 😉


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