Racism and swimming shorts

June 4, 2007 Comments Off on Racism and swimming shorts

Racism is bad, it’s awful and each one of us should do his utmost to condemn racism if you spot it. But then there is an organisation like CGKR (Belgian organisation against racism and for equal opportunities), which goes a bridge too far.

For hygienic reasons, lots of swimming pools have already banned the shorts. Only thing you can use to get into the pool are your speedos (or your other favourite brand 😉 ). Now this centre against racism is conducting a research to see whether the ban on shorts in swimming pools isn’t an implicit type of racism, as apparently a lot of young people from northern African origin don’t feel comfortable in the tight gear

I really don’t get it anymore… what are we doing? What’s going on nowadays? Don’t we have more fundamental problems to solve? We are paying valuable tax money to this organisation… I do not oppose to the organisation as such, but the way it is functioning now is hilarious.

The Centre is the specialised body on discrimination that finds its legal base in an Act of Parliament of 15.02.1993. Article 1 of the act states:

“A Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism … will be founded and put under the authority of the Prime Minister. The Centre is an incorporated society.”


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