Go Els!

June 9, 2007 Comments Off on Go Els!

Go Els!

Many, many moons ago, when I was still good looking and fit, there was this rather shy girl in my student fraternity. A couple of years later she turned out to be an excellent student and had strong political drive. She had no fear of representing a whole bunch of students, and later re-erected the young liberals (Jong-VLD) in Brussels. Today, she represents a lot of us Brusseleirs in Brussels parliament and as counselor for the city of Brussels.
It wasn’t more than fair that I helped her out with her recent campaign to distribute electoral propaganda in the area that I live (Bois de la Cambre). I found out the address of some famous people, but I don’t think I can start distributing this sort of information here on a blog 😉 I also found out that every country in South America has an equivalent street in the area of Av. Franklin Roosevelt!!!

Let’s hope she can really help her party be where they belong. In the governement as a counterbalance for the christian democrat’s conservatism and as a counterbalance for the socialists’ paternalistic and economic left way of dealing with the country’s issues.


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