Washington DC

June 11, 2007 Comments Off on Washington DC

I hardly ever blog about a holiday, wether that be a city trip (like this) or a full holiday (ski in Morzine in March). No idea why that is. Is it because I can’t complain enough? Is it because I have a nice time (I hardly ever ever blog when I feel good)?
Anyway, this holiday, like many others, was terrific. 3 days in Washington, DC. For many people in the US, the centre (or center as they write it on the other side of the great pond) of the universe! Lovely city with great architecture (no high rise like NY or Chicago), lovely company of Michael, Simon and better half. Only negative point for the better half were a couple of loose stones on the pavements. She fell and knocked her head on the pavement, with as a result a horrible black eye.
On the positive side: good food (Michael has lived and still travels a lot for work in US, so knows the good places), lots of monuments,memorials and an upgrade to business class in Air France on the way out!


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