Sea and rocks in Cap-Martin

June 23, 2007 Comments Off on Sea and rocks in Cap-Martin

Sea and rocks

Sea and rocks, originally uploaded by plαdys.

Finally a weekend in Belgium, happily doing nothing… Well I went to a wedding in Vilvoorde this afternoon, but we’ll catch up on sleep. On my way back from Paris yesterday evening (average of 75km/h !) I phoned my brother and I might have found the reason I’m so extremely tired since a couple of weeks. Running nor swimming goes well… he’s just had glandular fever. So I better have that checked on Monday, that might explain a lot.
Anyway, above shot from last weekend when I visited my old time friend Luc in his holiday place in Cap Martin. Very charming place (I might publish some pictures of the beach volleybal tournament in Monte Carlo soon) close to Menton, Monaco, Italy and loads of beaches. We’ll do that again next year, but we’ll make it at least a 4 day trip (2 days is really short, but hey! we’ve got loads of miles and very few holidays left 😉 )


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