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Yesterday, on my way to Bruges for a visit to the parents, a drink and a visit to granddad (this morning), I get a call from my brother Steve

Mike, where are you? I’m on my way, I’m near Wetteren. Just take the Gent exit. Half an hour ago, you’ve become an uncle, I became a father! Leonie was born a little early. We’re all fine.Where do I go? AZ Sint-Lucas

45 minutes later (I got lost 3 times, and got sent in the wrong directions (Palfijn hospital) by some some people), I eventually managed to join my brother and his girlfriend.

My parents couldn’t make it in time in Gent as they had gone to the emergencies in another hospital with my grandmother, obviously with their phones switched off. SO Steve was extremely thrilled when he saw me in the hall, and broke out in tears of happiness. It must have been a silly view to see this massive guy (1m98, 90kg) hug his little brother (Yes, I’m the small one in the family…) and cry like a child. It had been long days since the doctors decided yesterday that they would initiate the birth, because of potential health risks for the mother. The parent’s hardly got any sleep that night, and yesterday morning the procedure was started. It took until after 7pm until Leonie was eventually there. I can imagine that this must have been an extremely emotional and tiring day for the parents. I won’t post a picture of the mom as she just looked extremely tired, and probably wouldn’t appreciate it. Picture of the proud father after the jump


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