My City, Your city: Brussels

July 25, 2007 Comments Off on My City, Your city: Brussels

I’ve been thrown a stick, and as I wasn’t expecting any: I’ve got a black eye! Thanks Peter 😉

  • My favorite ‘grab-a-bite’: Le 830 just around the corner, cheap and cheerful, but tasty and decent portions. But I must also give credit to “La Porte d’Asie” (1127 Chéé Waterloo). Resto and take-away with fresh ingredients. The guy used to work in the Blue Elephant. When I got into town, my favourite cheap ‘grab-a-bite’ would have to be the “Lotus Bleu” (Rue Midi), close to loads of bars and the AB.
  • My favourite shop: Until recently I’d have said Adolfo Dominguez when it comes to clothes. They also got me the handbags, or manbags, you see me walking around with (they can carry the EOS 400D with most basic lenses!). But I’ve been convinced by Olivier Strelli. My BD’s (comic strips) come from Brüsel, although it’s been a while since I’ve been there.
  • My favourite restaurant: I’m so spoiled for good restaurants where I live (830, Eat East, Brasserie Georges, Vini Cucina, Blue Elephant,…) that I’ll go for one in town. Chez Henri has pleasantly surprised me in the last year, but there’s also the one where I bring friends when they come over…
  • My favorite ‘take my friends when in town’: L’Ogenblik. I know it’s not dirt cheap. But you only pay for what you get: excellent food!
  • Other 5 things to mention: Au Soleil and Fontainas, MIM, Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kameren Bos (and the woods by extension) where I go running (so does Will Tura, mp3, did you know?) and the VUB swimming pool where I seem to be spending more and more time lately in preparation of the Damme-Brugge swim! And I shouldn’t forget my hair dresser: Enzo Scifo (cousin of the other better-known Enzo)

Definitely a no-go for me (unless specifically asked): the flemish corner. I’m afraid of the potential in-breeding.

Passing the stick to: Izo, Peter (Het Radiofonisch instituut), Bruno Op De Beeck and anyone else who feels like picking up a stick 😉


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