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Ever since the 20km run through Brussels, I haven’t run much. The very first weeks, I hadn’t even run at all! But going back to the scale, I soon realised that with a couple of swims per week and bad eating habits, I couldn’t hang on to the weight I’d reached by the end of May. So I started going to the woods again for my runs. With no goal in mind, I have kept all runs relatively slow. Never really went over 150bpm (unless going uphill, of course). Because I have never bought the Garmin Forerunner, I had no idea how far I’d run, so obviously I had no idea about the speed…

Somebody once told me that Google Earth would give you the length of the lines you are drawing, but I didn’t find it, and on top of that: I haven’t got GE installed on my work PC. But now with the help of Google’s “My Maps”, you can draw in Google maps, export to KML. And then you can actually upload your KML to, or you could use: to calculate how far you’ve run.

Yesterday: 10.56km (probably slightly more as I cut short the bends on Google maps) in 53.5 mins. This comes down to 11.8 kms with an average heartbeat of 150bmp… not bad if you ask me. And then I read this: Luc Van Lierde starts running again at 13.8km/h with an average heartbeat of 108bpm!!!!! Isn’t that slightly demotivating?


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