Beer and me

September 1, 2007 Comments Off on Beer and me

  • Ever since I stopped institutionalised education, the amount of beer drinking got reduced to an absolute minimum. Drinking beer is for me an occupational hazard related to going to bars and festivals/concerts. Going to bars is something I rarely do nowadays, and even the concerts are quite limited.
  • Lately I have been sick quite often. Never really badly sick, but a poorly functioning digestion system.

So now you’ve read this far, you probably ask me what the connection is. I fear that the connection is that my digestion system does not support beer any more, maybe an allergy. Every single time that I drank beer, the next day I had the sh*ts! I only realised last Friday after I had some beers at Feeërieën Thursday night.
I’ll go and check with the doctor if the connection I made could be true, and whether we could determine what exactly is causing the problem. Hops? It’s not the alcohol, or otherwise I should have had more issues lately (not that I’m proud of that 😉 !). So in the weekend that Brussels organises its beer festival, and in the week Michael Jackson dies, I fear to have discoverd that I’ve drunk my last beer with Mich. To be continued…


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