That GrazR thing

September 7, 2007 Comments Off on That GrazR thing

… is what I installed in the sidebar for linking to my photoblog. It was Peter who had found out about this feature, let’s see how long we get this service without annoying ads and pop-ups!
In the mean time: enjoy!
I’m also trying to find out how to get the imported blogroll (feature of WP?) in my sidebar, the javascript from bloglines isn’t entirely functional due to some incorrect rss-feeds. The mess with the infamous youtube clip of Drew Barrymore’s new boyfriend (you got that, right?) is in the past… we’ve found yet another plugin. And how do you keep track of new versions of the plugins, that doesn’t seem automated? And do these plugins have compatibility checks with the WP-versions? Gosh, I was so spoiled with Serendipity.


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