RAT, 11g

October 3, 2007 Comments Off on RAT, 11g

What an odd title at this blog entry, isn’t it? It’s probably because I never blog about work and/or you’re not really into enterprise technology.
11g is the new version of the Oracle Database, out on Linux since August, and today officially launched in Belgium. For those who aren’t aware, I work at Oracle ;-). RAT is the never-to-be-used-again acronym for Real Application Testing, a new option to the database for mitigating risks around a number of upgrades.
My manager had asked me to do a presentation on managing change with the new version of the database, so there I was: Salle27/Zaal27, Kinepolis, Brussels. My presentation on a massive screen (you’ll find that 27 is one of the bigger rooms in Kinepolis Brussels, with huge screen), hi-tech microphone around my neck, a wireless device on my belt, and a cinema theatre with people to address.
In general, I don’t mind public speaking. But until now, it’s always been with a “smaller” crowd, and more important: a visible crowd. Now I could hardly see the people because of the spotlights in my face. This meant that it was difficult to get visual feedback, which I find reassuring when being on my own in front of a crowd. It was nice to hear the colleagues tell me afterwards that I’d done a good job. Apparently, it was good enough. Being quite critical to myself, there’s a couple of things that I’ll avoid doing in the future.

  • Refer to previous presentations as it confuses the hell out of yourself for your own story.
  • Too much repeating content on slides. It’s good to tell people things a number of times, but it makes you feel like you’re patronising your audience.
  • Don’t step out of the spot lights for a second to get a glimpse of your audience, when the audience is big, it’s difficult to find feedback in people’s behaviour.

Anyway, if I ever want to present on a bigger screen, we’ll have to do the iMax theatre! CU next time at iMax? 😉


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