Sporza and Humo just ruined our evening.

October 7, 2007 Comments Off on Sporza and Humo just ruined our evening.

Saturday night, party time! And movies on the tele! So we decided to record Bride and Prejudice. Humo (TV program magazine) mentions that in case of qualification of the Belgian national basketball team, there would first be an item on that, shifting the whole program backwards.
Yesterday morning, in the newspaper. Belgian Cats (name of the basketball team) don’t qualify. I do feel very sorry for the team, it would have been nice to be in the next round of the knock-outs, but we do know now when the film starts.
So tonight, after another day time party today, we get back and decide to watch what we recorded last night. And what shows up on our television? The f$ck*n9 Belgian basketball team! So we don’t have the end, and our local video store doesn’t have the film. The better half is extremely disappointed I must say. It’s the only version of Pride and Prejudice she hasn’t seen yet.


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