Iron man

October 13, 2007 Comments Off on Iron man

Just b4 the start

Luc Van Lierde, ex-team member at BZK left the water in tenth position… way to go Luc!

UPDATE: Luc is in 11th position after 28miles of cycling 2h03m35s. Marino Vanhoenacker also doing well in 16th position after 2:5m10s… Rutger Beke: 2h11m10s after 28miles 149th position, what’s going on with him? But Bert Jammaer is doing well in 18th position, 2h3m50s just behind Luc!!!

UPDATE: Marino na 59miles 3h23 19, Luc 3h24m04s, Rutger 3h31m29s (????)


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