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I am and will remain sceptic. I was brought up to. And recently it has been less and less easy to be critical of certain subjects. Global warming being one of those. Let me be clear, before I get a bucket of mud over me, I do think that people should respect the environment because that’s where you and I live in, and we both deserve the best circumstances to live. My impression is that global warming is not only and/or necessarily the result of human intervention, but even more so the means to an end for a certain group of people.
Overly dramatic scenes of one-off natural disasters that don’t necessarily have anything to do with global warming are meant to drive fear! And when you are scared, you are prepared to do anything. In Belgium, everybody thaught thought it was the most normal thing that with opening up the energy market, prices didn’t go down. Sorry… prices had to go down! It happened everywhere else, but that was before Al Gore decided to spread fear… Now the energy providing companies compete on being green, greener, GREENEST. This is good for them: great revenues and nobody who complains about it, green is not only socially acceptable, it also blinds us for the moment. There’s a lot more to tell about energy companies, global warming but the subject of this post is scepticism

Well known editors aren’t even sceptical any more. It’s even worse… the dogma has set in. If you even dare to be sceptical/critical towards some of the environmentalists’ ideas, you are the bare devil. Not being allowed to think differently is something we do recognise of the past, in those days it was what people called an extremist right wing method! It should trigger a response of disgust, but hey: we’re all asleep! And it doesn’t come from the right political wing, so it is probably all right…

Het broeikaseffect, dat stilaan alleen nog door lobbyisten van de industrie betwist wordt, …

Yves Desmet, De Morgen.

Global warming: almost only contested by industry lobbyists…

That’s a covert method of trying to put labels on people who don’t agree. Another well know method of trying to shut up those who don’t agree, although trying to shut them up with good arguments would be better, wouldn’t it?

en helpt die op haar beurt om de sceptici nog verder de mond te snoeren

. Same article as above.

And (Al Gore’s reward…) helps to shut up everybody who dares being sceptical.

Sorry, the thoughts of an intellectual editor of a much read newspaper is: that will prevent a number of people being sceptic? Where did things go wrong?


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