And now for a marathon!

October 14, 2007 Comments Off on And now for a marathon!

First 5.2 miles run….
Luc: 5.2 mi. (6:07:44) 6:22/mile
Marino: 5.2 mi. (6:04:19) 6:29/mile
Bert: 5.2 mi. (6:08:38) 6:29/mile
Rutger: 5.2 mi. (6:12:48) 6:26/mile
And right now McCormack is going past Liëto (leader until now)… live on ZDF (if you get this channel in Belgium, switch now!)
UPDATE: McCormack did start his 5 first miles in the marathon at 5:52/mile. That’s going for 2:34 at the marathon. That’s just insane!!!
6:22/miles is going for 2:44 at the marathon. I believe that the fastest marathon time (within the Ironman triathlon) is around 2h40… It just shows. Let’s see where this ends. This guy McCormack seriously cannot continue this pace unless he’s not human.
NO UPDATE: The site is failing to update the results around 17 miles. McCormack looks extremely strong. Lieto, Alexander, Sindballe and DeBoom all look strong. I’ve just heard Marino’s name mentioned in the top10 on ZDF, but it’s getting difficult to keep track of everything.


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