It's over

October 14, 2007 Comments Off on It's over

1. McCormack
2. Alexander
3. Sindballe
4. DeBoom
5. Marino Vanhoenacker
6. Liëto
7. Llanos
8. Luc is there!!!!

And this doesn’t seem to be accurate as ZDF seems to be missing things. Where’s TheBoom? But I’m 99% sure that Luc’s within the top 10. This would mean 2 Belgians in the top 10. I can imagine Marino is feeling awkward now. 4th is not nice as a sportsman, just not a medal… but I believe this is a great result! Well done….
And now I should get some sleep… I’ll double check on the final results 2moro.
UPDATE: Found DeBoom and Jammaer is 12th. What a result for Belgium. Let’s hope Sporza picks up on these results 2moro !!!!


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