Killing time in Delhi

November 11, 2007 Comments Off on Killing time in Delhi

Yesterday night, we said goodbye to our travel companions. This morning, I had to say goodbye to my better half at 6. It’s 4pm (first time I’ve written a blog entry on paper before going into the internet room 😉 ) and I’m bored to tears. I’ve literally been crying at Central Park. It was my intention to go and see a Bollywood film at four thirty, but as that seemed to be sold out I’ll just have to wait for my airport pick-up (nine-ish). I don’t feel like going into Delhi anymore. It’s a right shit hole! Cities are usually my kind of natural habitat, but clearly this one doesn’t do it for me…

For some reason I couldn’t deal with the touting, cheating and begging and “genuinely honest’ converstations anymore. At some point in time (quite early in the day already, to be honest), I just wanted to be left alone. No more “Hello”, “Where you from?”, “Nice sunglasses”.

At this time, I also realise how much I miss the better half and also how much I miss having a holiday with her alone! We’ve done so much travelling this year (Ski, Madrid, Washington, Monaco, Dublin, Morzine, India…), but nothing with just the two of us. Maybe I’ll take her to Paris for the weekend in between now and Xmas.

I feel a lot better for having written this. I’ll start reading 2 weeks worth of rss-feeds. I guess that should kill some time.


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