Lightroom shortcoming

November 12, 2007 Comments Off on Lightroom shortcoming


Back from Delhi and already going through my pictures (975 on the 2 cameras). I had realised after a couple of days in India that I hadn’t changed the time on neither cameras. So all pictures up to a certain morning are 3,5 hours off (Delhi is UTC+5.5). No problem, there’s a trick in Lightroom to solve this 😉
But alas, the creators of Lightroom had never thought of the half hours for the timezone adjustment (mass update of pictures), so for the moment I’m stuck with all those pictures 1/2 hour incorrect. It’s not a drama, but I better go suggest that. Bet they don’t get that into the Leopard update anymore (this is due in a few days).

UPDATE : FlickR doesn’t do it either..
Solution found for Lightroom!

The dialog offers multiple choices. One is to shift by a whole number of hours, as a quick way to deal with time zone differences. However, the same dialog allows you to provide a new time for the active image, and the other images in the selection will be adjusted equivalently.

This doesn’t allow you to explicitly say “shift by 30 seconds”, but if the active image was taken at 9:30:30 camera time and you adjust it to 9:30:00, all of the pictures in the selection will be shifted by 30 seconds nonetheless.


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