India: personal space and privacy!

November 14, 2007 Comments Off on India: personal space and privacy!

Imagine you have a 2 by 4 meter waiting room, and there’s already one person sitting/standing in a corner. Picking your place is something peculiar here in the west. Not too difficult, but there’s only a few places that are off limit. The most common space would be just outside a radius of (let’s take a guess) 1/2meter from that person, preferably not in the opposite corner as you might give the impression that you are too anti-social.
For the male readers, there’s also the issue with urinals. Which urinal (not) to choose based on the number available and the occupied positions. There’s even an online test to see whether you know your urinal-etiquette 😉

In India, most people have no clue about personal space. They are the ones who would come and rub against you (first example) or who would come and pee in the same urinal (OK, this is slightly exaggerated…)! Apart from being an extremely beautiful country, this is just one of the little annoyances when going there. Be prepared if you want to go! It seems to be worse than the other Asian countries I’ve visited.
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