Le Gros Connard

November 28, 2007 Comments Off on Le Gros Connard

A couple of posts ago, Bob insisted on leaving a comment without motivation. When somebody writes things about you, you obviously start wondering what may have caused this sort of behaviour. There must have been some reason. Bob obviously didn’t leave any trace of his whereabouts. A fake e-mail and no url, nice! He might as well have written Anonymous. Although…
I had a number of referrers (yes, that is written with double r!), so I started checking out. The guy worked from a Brutélé connected computer, and left me the referrer. I wrote the website owners of a couple of websites I thought they might have come from, but suddenly saw the same name (Bob) appear with a comment on an article in Le Pan. And this around the same time the coward had enriched my blog with his insult. So I wrote Le Pan, who confirmed me that we’re talking about the same IP-address. But on the Le Pan side, the coward had left a URL. Whether that’s pointing to his own article or not, I do not know, unless he’s fair enough to confirm. What seems interesting is that all messages on bougnoulosophe.blogspot.com are written by a certain Bob.


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