Visionary or plain stupid?

November 29, 2007 Comments Off on Visionary or plain stupid?

Before we start thrashing Americans (as in the people who live in the USA, not the continent), have a look at this. It’s not only there. Although I’m a bit worried when 11% cannot point to their own country on a world map, especially when it’s that big!

Not a single country managed the 42 points need for an A grade, even top scoring Sweden only got an average of 40 questions right.
They were followed by Italy and Germany, tied on 38 points each. America notched up a D grade with an average of 23 correct answers.
Britain came a disappointing fourth from the bottom and Mexico trailed into last place with an average score of just 21 out of 56.

And these people will go on the internet, and are allowed to have opinions and spread them through comments and, god forbid, blogs! But then again, so do I 😉


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